Mary Lingerfelt
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Welcome to my world

Welcome to my virtual front porch! It's a perfect afternoon for visiting. Sit down in a rocker, grab a glass of tea, and let me catch you up on what's happened.

I have all kinds of news about my neighbors: who got married, who's expecting, who left town, and who didn't but should have.

I can tell you the gist of last Sunday's sermon, and the name of the new baby, and who's gotten too big for their britches.

Sit with me awhile -- we have all afternoon. I'll tell you everything that didn't make the paper.

A Lancaster Love

GET THE COMPLETE 5-BOOK SERIES FREE ON KINDLE UNLIMITED! Eve Miller lost her Amish home, her first love, and her faith -- but now she has the chance to get them back. Follow Eve, her Amish sweetheart Noah Lapp, and her business partner Flynn Munro through an inspirational Amish romance entwining love, loss, redemption, and the healing power of God.

True North

COMING SOON ON AMAZON! A beautiful filmmaker flies to Maine to forget a broken engagement. But when her ex-fiance unexpectedly arrives, she finds herself torn between him and a new love.