Mary Lingerfelt
Christian/Inspirational Fiction

The Sins of Jubal Cooper

COMING SOON! This Depression-era story is told through the eyes of Will Ingram, a tough eight-year-old living with his sharecropper family in rural Georgia. Will gets caught committing a petty crime, and his "sentence" is to work off his debt to society at the home of the notorious Judge Jubal Cooper. Will is rightly terrified of a judge whose corruption is legend; and Will soon finds that not only are all the stories true -- they don't begin to do Jubal justice. Will soon finds himself an unwilling participant in the judge's intrigues, as well as the target of a vengeful hobo. Will has to walk a tightrope to keep himself in one piece, while also keeping the judge, his family, and his conscience happy. But the hardscrabble times soon push Will to the edge; and he's forced to decide which is more important: his own sense of what's right, or his ever-deepening involvement in Jubal's crimes.