Christian/Inspirational Fiction

The Sins of Jubal Cooper


This Depression-era story is told through the eyes of Will Henry, a tough eight-year-old living with his sharecropper family in a small town in rural Georgia. Will gets caught committing a petty crime, and his "sentence" is to work off his debt to society at the home of the notorious Judge Jubal Cooper.

Will is wary of the judge, whose wickedness is the stuff of local legend; and Will soon learns that not only are all the stories true -- they don't begin to do the wily Jubal justice. 

Will soon finds himself an unwilling accomplice in the judge's skulduggery, as well as the target of a vengeful hobo. Will has to walk a tightrope to keep himself in one piece, while also keeping the law, his family, and his conscience happy.

But the hardscrabble times soon push Will to the edge; and he's forced to decide which is more important: his own sense of what's right, or his ever-deepening involvement in Jubal's crimes.

Join Will as he embarks on a funny, suspenseful, poignant and at time dangerous coming of age adventure in Depression-era Georgia.